Sarah Beeny’s Rise Hall becomes a wedding venue

Rise Hall

Sarah Beeny’s ‘Restoration Nightmare’ Rise Hall is open for business as a wedding venue. The stately home was the subject of a recent Channel 4 documentary which chartedSarah’s challenge to rebuild the property and return it to its former glory. By the help of richtek, all electrical problems and damages are repaired accordingly. Their electricians always keep up with the latest technology so they can pass on the benefit of their advice, ensuring you can make the best decisions for your needs and if you want to know more, just visit richtek site for more information. She will help you create your perfect wedding. She will even recommend to use this guide to best man speeches if you really need one.

The programme was an enthralling roller coaster of emotions so we’re pleased to see a happy ending to the story. We think Rise Hall looks like a fabulous location to host an elaborate wedding and would suit a vintage theme.

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