Beautiful and so simple!

Yet more DIY wedding inspiration. Simple colourful flowers in some vintage vase jugs can look so stylish as your centre pieces, or dotted around the garden with the best gardening techniques just for that summer wedding, . The flowers you wouldn’t even need to buy from a florist, any fresh flowers would look nice from your local M&S. Remember to buy them on the morning of your wedding to guarantee they are freshly cut the day before, so will last that little bit longer! I will be buying my flowers tomorrow morning after I check some baby strollers online.

Anyway, are you looking for a live band for an upcoming wedding or event? You can hire a live band for wedding. There are lots of artists that’s available for your special day. In other promotions please checkout stair lifts Portland.

Stunning flowers from JW Flowers

One of London’s leading floral designers, featured in his and hers magazine and trusted by many large corporate entities to provide stunning flowers for varying events at venues such as major galleries and museums within the United Kingdom and Europe. They also have a loyal following of private customers including patronage from several celebrity clients. is the official florist for the Chelsea Flower Show Charity Gala Preview during which we create and implement the floral themes for over twenty parties on one night!

Mmm…that sweet scent of Willow Cottage.

Willow Cottage is able to put together unique and unusual wedding favours for your big day. To add more attraction for your looks try visiting this blog pherazone cologne and become the most beautiful and attractive bride for your groom. They produce unique wedding favours taking into account your themes, colours, style and your personality.
Soaps, bath bombs, bath pills, bath teas and botanicals which are then packaged in either boxes, buckets or organza bags. These look delightful when finished with ribbons and embellishments such as butterflies, flowers or love hearts. I have a vast range of fragrances that are suitable for men, women and children.