Headdresses, tiaras, and definitely no tantrums, with Polly Edwards

Polly Edwards 'Charmaine' headpiece

Since 1991, Polly Edwards has been plying her trade as a headdress designer, from her home just a few hours from us, in Salisbury, and is now a recognised name across the world. Trained as a fashion designer who went on to specialise in millinery, Polly developed a passion for the headdress and since then has directed her focus on the design and manufacture of tiaras and headdresses, especially for brides. The headdress are specially made and personalized for every kind of personality, this ornamental bands  will make  you feel beautiful and unique with any hairstyle you might have, looks beautiful with long straight or curly  hair and even in short cuts like the pixie cut which will make you feel fresh and young  there are 50 Trendy Pixie Cut Ideas for Women  you can review for inspiration. If you’re in search for great hairstyles for your bachelorette party to match these beautiful head pieces,be sure to check out bridal party hair in Las Vegas. They’ll be sure to give you a hairstyle that will watch your outfit and all your accessories, especially if you’re wearing a headdress or tiara.

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The afro kinky curly hair is Charmaine linear ‘statement’ headpiece, one of 18 elegant designs in the 2013 collection. Polly promises this to be her most distinctive collection to date, with her signature styling and trend-setting designs throughout.

All accessories are hand threaded using silver coloured enamel coated wire, plus the tiara and side-band bases can be wrapped in different shades to better match your hair or dress colour, skin tone or jewellery, I recommend checking out www.besthairflatirons.com/ if you want to always have good hair days, also by using Skincare Rejuvenation products your skin will look flawless every day.

Take a look at Polly Edwards’ collections of tiaras and headpieces at www.pollyedwards.com

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