Don’t Tell The Bride: Apple Place Names

Here’s a great idea for place settings for your wedding breakfast tables – crisp green apples with name tags tied to the stalks. Granny Smiths are probably the best bet for a brightest green and look lovely if you’re going for a white rustic or contemporary theme. Green is a natural striking colour which contrasts well with white and I must say, every time I browse the net and see a table with green & white, I instantly take a look. It’s particularly summery but could work for any season. I’ve seen this idea a few times before in the past, but cropped up recently on the tragic-but-entertaining ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ on BBC3. I hate to admit it but on this occasion the hapless groom actually managed to create something quite tasteful! The image above was featured on Delightfully Engaged but you’ll find other examples on other sites and you can easily take this idea and make it your own.

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