Bridal Makeover – Wedding Plastic Surgery

Looking and feeling your best on the biggest, most important day in a womans life isn’t just a consideration for most brides, it is a mission. Many brides-to-be starting ramping up their diet and work outs in preparation for their special day, when they are the center of attention and all eyes are focused on them. Women have been coming to Dr. Bandy for years with a certain request, “Make me look my best for my big day”! It’s no surprise that brides are factoring in their procedures and treatments to their wedding budget, but unlike the cake and flowers, a brides results and confidence do not last one day, their results and continuous smile of satisfaction continue to last throughout their lifetime, call Coolsculpting SkinMD today and transform your life right away.

Each and every woman has different goals when coming to Dr. Bandy, however, what we hear from brides time and time again is that they want to feel that their wedding dress flatters their bodies and they want to feel like a “million bucks” for their bachelorette party, their wedding and their honeymoon. With all eyes on the bride and so many candid photographs being taken, why wouldn’t the bride want to look exceptional from all angles?

Although there is no specific bridal makeover package, listed below are the procedures and treatments like cryolipolysis at home, that are commonly requested by brides-to-be. We recommend that certain procedures be completed 2-6 months or more before a wedding to allow for proper healing time. Quotes included are actual patient quotes of brides requesting pre-wedding procedures and/or treatments.

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