If your flower is a peony…

…then you just have to take a look at this beautiful cake which I found on The Roxy Cake blog. Each individual peony is hand made from icing and the colours as you can see are to die for. You’d be mad not to like it!

Create your own vintage table designs

Why not save the pennies and create your own vintage wedding table.  You can collect crockery and various other items from car boot sales, charity shops and other brick a brack shops around your area.  You’ll be surprised what you can pick up for 50p when next door they’re selling it for £20.00.  Its definately worth looking around. All things vintage is a hot topic and has been for a while now so get out there and create your own style, it not only looks great but can be a fraction of the price.

Something quirky

Why go for the traditional wedding cake when you can choose something a little more unique like this divided homemade  cake.  It not only looks delicious but it’s things litle this that will add to your vintage DIY wedding and something more personal to you, and of course a fraction of the price!

Daisy Hill Cakes. Wedding cakes for celebrities, television actors and couture designers.

I absolutely adore this cake, it is so traditional yet contemporary, all the diamante’s surrounding the ribbon on each tier, do die for! Daisy hill has had the opportunity to create wedding cakes for celebrities, television actors and couture designers. Daisy Hill cakes have been commissioned by Conde Nast ‘Brides’ magazine and featured in ‘You and Your Wedding’, ‘Wedding’, ‘Cosmopolitan Brides’, ‘Wedding Venues and Services’, ‘Viya’ and ‘OK!’ After less than 2 years in business, Daisy Hill Cake Company was honoured to reach the finals of the National Wedding Industry Supplier of the Year Awards 2008.