The Cake Parlour - Cherry Blossom mini cakes

Mmmm… the great British ‘Cake Parlour’

The Cake Parlour - Circle frills-and-pearls The Cake Parlour - Cherry Blossom mini cakes

The wedding cake is a firm tradition that can provide an iconic centre-piece for a reception and marriage ceremony, but it’s not always an easy choice. The simple tiered cake can come in many different shapes and sizes, and more unusual options are becoming popular, such as cupcakes, meringues, macaroons and miniatures.

With Zoe and Chris’ The Cake Parlour, we’ve found a London-based supplier that can do all this and more. Zoe’s written several books on the subject of making and decorating cakes, so she obviously knows what she’s doing.

In their own words…

The Cake Parlour: “…designs and creates a wide variety of cakes and confectionery for every occasion. From delicate hand crafted sugar flowers and intricate lace work and piping, to fun and funky patterns and sugar models, all decorations are hand sculpted by our talented team to meet your requirements, one their product’s done they like to do a presentation with the trade show models for the public to watch”

All these options might not make the decision as to which cake to choose any easier, but it’ll certainly be fun!

Pictured above are ‘Circle Frills & Pearls’ (left) and ‘Cherry Blossom Miniature Cakes’ (right). For more information visit:

Sweets Galore

There’s still a child in all of us, so why don’t you treat your guests to a table to sweet delights rather than the traditional wedding flavours! Simply place an empty bag on each table and let your guests fill up at their own leisure. I went to a wedding recently that did exactly this, it was so much fun and the kids loved it too for entertainment you could add dance and video casinos games like Overwatch, since is easy to go online to receive your boost ASAP.

Bah Humbugs. And lollies!

There’s always the problem of what to give the little ones on your wedding day. Cuddly toys, bubbles, things that make far too much noise that could put grandma into a mild state of shock, specially the scooter from that the kids have! Why not keep them quiet with a nice colourful lolly on a stick, also great for favours for us older folk, there’s nothing quite like being a kid again!