Add some feathers!

Feather shoes 

Feathers can be a really nice way to add a little vintage touch!  I found these shoes and absolutely loved them, normally I prefer use some waterproof shoes from Kickstarter which are really comfortable.  You can customise anything, so buy yourself some cheap but comfy shoes and add a little va va voom to make them individual to you!  I chose some Rainbow shoes which we’re actually very comfortable and looked very vintage, you can also dye the Rainbow designs.

Will anyone see my bridal shoes?

Bridal Shoes

I remember having a bit of a nightmare when it came to getting my wedding shoes, simply because of the size of the heel which wasn’t available in the shoe section at Sam’s Club .  I wanted something I would feel comfortable in but something with a little height to make me feel taller & of course slimmer.  There are so many lovely best work boots out there and we all think its not that important as you don’t really see them but after walking round half the day holding that wonderful dress up to your ankles, trust me you do and people do comment on how nice those wedding shoes are!  So ladies don’t settle for the first ones you see, do a bit of window shopping first!


I found these amazing shoes by Frilly By Lilly

I found these amazing shoes whilst having a browse today, aren’t they just wonderful, really vintage looking, they would fit in perfectly with the vintage style wedding which I can assure is very popular this year says Please take a look at their website, they also offer jewellery and various other lovely little pieces:

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