Lela Rose

Another stunning dress by Lela Rose.  Beautifully made with embellished fabrics to create these wonderful dresses.  This dress above is part of Lela’s Spring 2010 wedding collection so hasn’t been around for long.  If you want to view more of Lela’s work take a look at www.lelarose.com.

Vera Wang on weddings. Absolutely fabulous!

Vera Wang tableware

Vera Wang is an incredible fashion designer from New York. She used to be a magazine editor and competitive skater, but she’s obviously branched out since then! For more fashionable gift ideas visit unique leggings. Now, since getting married, her company specialises in bridalwear. But she doesnt only do dresses and fashion, she also designs and sells exquisite tableware and other items that would make very elegant and generous gifts. This beautiful crockery set pictured above has a lovely modern-shaped jug but it’s all still quite vintage. The photography on her website is incredible as well, check it out here: www.verawangonweddings.com

The dress!

honeybee20large[1] Ian Stuart

There are so many beautiful wedding dresses out there its a minefield trying to choose the perfect one for you. I remember when I was looking I really struggled, but believe it or not it is like buying a house, when you try the perfect one on, you just know! Once you’ve finally chosen the right one, everything else just falls into place. Whether it be 1950’s style, traditional or vintage the theme usually revolves around the dress so its very important to get the right one.

Who is Dazed Dorothy?

Dazed Dorothy is the beautiful accessories label brought to you by Textile Designer Corinne Robinson. Always elegant and enchanting, yet with a quirky, eclectic and whimsical edge, the leather and suede accessories form Dazed Dorothy are individually handmade, so no two are ever the same.
Fabrics, vintage buttons, embellishments and trimmings are sourced from all over the world, meaning each unique piece has its own story to tell. The one thing every piece has in common is that they all make you look and feel fabulous! If you want a great discount while shopping for these or any other item online, then get coupons from these online coupon websites.
Use your dazzling accessories while dancing, shopping, walking…be fabulous anywhere and everywhere!