Macaroons, love them!

After watching the Great British Bake off last night I
just couldn’t resist advertising these wonderful, tasty little delights. My mum
used to make them all the time, filled with either butter cream or ganache,
pink, purple or blue, either way they are delicious and a stylish touch to your
wedding. You could even pack them up as wedding favours or cake tower, it’s

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Stacks of cheese make an unusual wedding cake

I personally can’t understand it, but some people would choose cheese over cake any day, which is why the idea of this cheese tiered wedding cake is so great and it can double up as supper for your evening reception, along with your crackers and pickles. You could of course have a cake as well, but most people would opt for either one or the other. It’s just a cheese cake after all!

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If your flower is a peony…

…then you just have to take a look at this beautiful cake which I found on The Roxy Cake blog. Each individual peony is hand made from icing and the colours as you can see are to die for. You’d be mad not to like it!