Bunny Loves Evie. Bespoke and electic. For the bride and the home.

Welcome to Bunny Loves Evie ~ a collection of bespoke and eclectic bridal and home accessories that have been lovingly handcrafted.
Bunny Loves Evie specialise in designing and creating unique tiaras and accessories and have a gorgeous range of handcrafted shabby chic items for the home for you to chose from. Or you could let them design a piece totally bespoke for you. All their pieces can be made in silver or gold tone. All tiaras and jewellery items come beautifully packaged in a keepsake box. Everything they sell is handmade to order just for you so you can chose to have anything custom made to suit your scheme.

Who is Dazed Dorothy?

Dazed Dorothy is the beautiful accessories label brought to you by Textile Designer Corinne Robinson. Always elegant and enchanting, yet with a quirky, eclectic and whimsical edge, the leather and suede accessories form Dazed Dorothy are individually handmade, so no two are ever the same.
Fabrics, vintage buttons, embellishments and trimmings are sourced from all over the world, meaning each unique piece has its own story to tell. The one thing every piece has in common is that they all make you look and feel fabulous! If you want a great discount while shopping for these or any other item online, then get coupons from these online coupon websites.
Use your dazzling accessories while dancing, shopping, walking…be fabulous anywhere and everywhere!

Becky Oh Bridal!

Create a bag to match your bridesmaids’ dresses or something to match their own unique style. From elegant bridal clutches to festive wristlets for your favorite friends, we can create an accessory to delight everyone.To order your custom bags by Becky OH! Bridal you can visit the studio, or communicate long-distance by email to view the fabric samples and styles. Please provide your event date when corresponding and allow as much lead time as possible.
Inquire about custom bags for your next event, becky@beckyoh.com