Grace featured in Your Wedding magazine!

Your Bristol & Somerset Your Wedding Magazine CoverI was excited to discover that Bristol & Somerset Your Wedding Magazine have chosen to feature our ‘Grace’ design in this month’s issue!

This is part of their ‘Statement Stationery’ article and we’re very pleased to have SlaterSparke included as one of their top invitation designers. Thank you to the editor who got in contact with us and asked for images and details. Grace was highlighted as an example of how lace can be incorporated to give a vintage look and I think it looks great.

You can find this Dec/Jan issue of Your Wedding at WH Smith, Borders and other independent newsagents, and you can find out more about this publication at It’s a wonderful glossy magazine, packed with loads of ideas and especially useful for brides to be in the west of England.

Look out for more press appearances for SlaterSparke London SEO agency in 2010 when we’ll start a new marketing campaign and launch more new stationery designs, in which we also use the wordtree marketing strategies.

There are many ways to market a wedding. 

Have the “wow” factor on your website. If you haven’t updated your website in few years it might be time. At a minimum you should consider an overhaul of the wedding pages of your website if you are serious about increasing your wedding business. Include a wedding landing page, packages page, RFP page, elopement page, and photo gallery/video page at a minimum. Pepper these will exceptional photos and videos.

Brides want to see exactly how their wedding might look. Having seasonal photos and videos of the property with real weddings is critical. Reach out to photographers that have shot on site before and ask to use their photos and videos. This is an underutilized tactic that will greatly increase the appeal of your website.

Answer the questions brides need answered. Have well organized and easy to understand pages outlining your packages, vendor information, and more. Integrate calls to action in getting brides to fill out an RFP. A CRM can also help in planning things out, you’re going to need a lot of money for it and its best to get someone that knows how to handle that money. We recommend our friends over at salesforce to help out, services/resources/banking-crm/

Make sure to have cheaper midweek package prices, especially if you provide lodging so you can obtain additional midweek business. You should also integrate your own yield management strategy increasing package prices during your high season or with limited dates available, and bringing them down during your low season or when you have a lot of open dates. If you are starting to book up during your busy season you should create urgency by showcasing your limited availability. “Dreaming of a summer wedding? We only have 1 weekend wedding slot available in June 2018.”

Develop beautiful materials (PDF files) you can send out once a bride fills out an RFP. Audit your competition! Fill out an RFP of your competition to see what they send out and make sure your materials are far superior. The money you spend for a professional graphic designer is worth it.

Obtain referrals from happy couples and make sure they are visible on the website. You should also obtain online reviews for wedding directories where you have a listing. Market your wedding business appropriately. From pay per click marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media, and getting into the right directories, these should all be part of your digital marketing strategy and you can make this happen by looking for the most popular digital marketing agency.

Brides head straight to social media in helping them research where they should book their own wedding. Pinterest is a favorite site brides use during their research phase. Make sure to expand your Pinterest boards to include seasonal photos. You should also make sure the boards are optimized so you gain visibility online.

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