Bird by Kristian Vedel from ArchitectMade

Bird by Kristian Vedel, from ArchitectMade

Bird by Kristian Vedel from ArchitectMade
Bird by Kristian Vedel from ArchitectMadeBird by Kristian Vedel from ArchitectMade

Now a legend, Bird is the essence of Danish design. Though simple in appearance, its clean lines create endless expressions by merely tilting its head in virtually any direction and has been turning heads since 1959. Made by hand in Denmark, Bird comes in oak, either natural or smoked, and in a choice of three sizes – small (7.5cm high), large (12cm high) or chubby (10.5cm high).

Bird was designed by Kristian Solmer Vedel, a Danish industrial designer and part of the Scandinavian Design movement. As a student of Kaare Klint, Vedel pioneered the use of melamine plastic and his classic designs often featured a creative use of materials and carefully considered the ergonomics and functional requirements. A good example can be found in his children’s furniture, which could be adapted to children of different ages and turned over to be used as a toy. Although Kristian Vedel designed his family of Birds in 1959, the original ‘child’ BIRD quickly became one of the most successful Danish wooden products from the 1950s.

Architectmade scour archives, drawings and museums to reveal a few, rare design objects that some of Denmark’s leading architects created along their way to fame many years ago. They believe in moving away from a throw-away culture and celebrating timeless products that last, that you don’t get tired of looking at, and with excellent craftsmanship alongside three rounds of quality control, are made to stand the test of time. Their products, as stated by Kristian Vedel, “emerge from the inside out” – each Architectmade object is designed with architect-precision and personal vision that comes from the heart.

Buy the Bird for €45 (approx. £32.50) from Architectmade here:

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