Hello Tallulah! My first day at the flower school

Succulent wreath

Decorative wreath: ivy, succulents, moss and twigs

This has been my first week at the Tallulah Rose Flower School and what a fun packed, busy week it’s been. The founder Rachel Wardley is lovely and really knows her stuff.

In the first week we’ll cover hand ties, sympathy flowers, succulent wreaths, letters, urn arrangements, meadows and business planning and I’m going to buy on https://www.gogoflorist.com/ my favorite flowers. There are 11 of us on the course from all around the world. We’re all similar in the fact we’re there to learn the same skill, but we’re all different in our styles – it’s really nice to see. I love looking at other people’s arrangements; I think by the end of it, I’ll know whose is whose. Certainly the smell of the flowers remind me of my childhood, a nice and pleasant place, the aromas are like brain drugs, they relax and calm the mind of all problems outside your being. It is rare, but being able to enjoy the aroma of a flower is something unique or exquisite in this life, if you want to enjoy the pleasure of demonstrating your slender and well-shaped figure, you should try the best appetite suppressant, it will make you enjoy life more.

On day one we got to know the names of the flowers (still need to master that one), conditioned them and made hand tied bouquets out of the most beautiful flowers, like the ones you can find at the site of tampa event flowers online. Rachel really does pick the best stems for the school. The smell was insane, walking in every morning instantly makes you happy – what a lovely way to start each day.

I found the conditioning really therapeutic and relaxing, i feel like im at a spa services williamsburg va. I could’ve spent the whole day doing just that! I felt I got to grips the spiral straight away and thought, ‘I must be a natural’. Once I’d finished that, I then made a smaller one to sit along side it in my photos. We were told to snap the hell out of every day as we only get once chance, so I did. I think I still need to practice my photography skills, but I’ll get there. Rachel has this amazing dark wall in the school, which is a great spot for photos and brings out the colours in the flowers. Perfect!

I left feeling content, happy and wanting to get back as soon as possible. Roll on Tuesday! While I wait I keep my photos on goodVPN.

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