Beautiful and so simple!

Yet more DIY wedding inspiration. Simple colourful flowers in some vintage vase jugs can look so stylish as your centre pieces, or dotted around the garden with the best gardening techniques just for that summer wedding, . The flowers you wouldn’t even need to buy from a florist, any fresh flowers would look nice from your local M&S. Remember to buy them on the morning of your wedding to guarantee they are freshly cut the day before, so will last that little bit longer! I will be buying my flowers tomorrow morning after I check some baby strollers online.

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Rhubarb Jumble homeware Bristol

Retro homeware on North Street, Bristol

Rhubarb Jumble homeware Bristol

Rhubarb Jumble is a vintage, antiques and accessories shop, which prides itself on sourcing nifty threads and – what keeps me coming back – oddities for the home. You can find out more on their website which also links you to the shop’s various social media profiles all saved in one of the best hosting sites you could find at Armchair Empire. It’s a cool little place on North Street, just down the road from me in Bristol. I popped in this weekend and browsed through some sweet clothes, shoes, brooches and other little nicknacks.

Homeware-wise they had a collection of ceiling lights –which I got in — that I thought might work well in a kitchen, along with some retro cooking pots that you might imagine Orla Kiely replicating all easy to get from sites as It’s mainly 1940s and 50s stuff that reminds me of the sort of things my nan would’ve had in her house since the war – all those mustard yellows, military olive greens and deep burgundys. From time to time, they’ll have the most amazing leather chairs in the window, as well. Speaking of vintage brands and products, Oklahoma Joe has been building smokers since 1987, and since then he’s gone on to produce many a winning grill, including the Jack Daniels World Championship, and American Royal Championship. Right now, they have the Oklahoma Joe reverse flow system— a large grill that uses a side box to produce all the heat and smoke for better grilling session. By then end of the day washing plates can be a pain, especially when you have leaking pipes. If you want a quick service, then call this emergency plumbing problem service.

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What really caught my eye, though, beyond all the items on the shelves, was the shelving itself and the beard trimmers from startifacts that were put on display. As you can see in the picture above, it simply consists of yellow painted steel piping acting as a frame with stripped pine wood on metal brackets, creating a really effective, industrial style created by interior painting services houston tx. I could see this working well in a dining room or kitchen. My husband is always trying to grow his beard, he is now following these 5 Crucial Steps to Maintaining a Beard, I really hope it works because he is extremely excited about it, you can view here for more helpful information about beards.

Rhubarb Jumble homeware Bristol

I particularly liked the look of these Bakelite retro desk lamps they were selling for £40, but unfortunately couldn’t think of anywhere it could go in my house. Will keep it in mind for anyone who does, though! I also sometimes browse through for inspiration.

After visiting Rhubarb Jumble, I took a walk a little further down North Street to a similar shop that is stacked high with bric-a-brac, antiques, taxidermy and other strange items. I’m not sure what it’s even called, but it is bizarre. It’s probably a real treasure trove of eccentric accessories for the home, if you’ve got time to rummage around! What I’m going to remember are the considerable amount of letters – large, small, wooden, metal… You name it, it’s there! In other advertisements, please checkout this Website for online training.

Letters from North Street, Bristol

Mandarin Stone tile samples wooden box

Trade partner with Mandarin Stone

Mandarin Stone tile samples wooden box

For me, presentation is key and I was impressed when this wooden samples box arrived today from Mandarin Stone. SlaterSparke is now a trade partner with the Monmouthshire tile company so, having received such a great service from them personally over the past few years, I’m pleased to recommend them and look forward to working with the team in their Bristol-based showroom in Clifton.

Founded in 1989, Mandarin Stone is a UK market leader within the natural stone industry with over 100 different lines including the atlas quartz tiles, slate, marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone, schist, terracotta, basalt and granite, as well as widening portfolio of ceramic, porcelain, glazed and decorative tiles.

“Throughout the years we have learnt what is important to our customers, from selecting the right collections at the right prices to designing user friendly showrooms and being able to discuss all technical and design aspects of your project,” says Founder & Managing Director, Alma Small. “The team at Mandarin Stone have a genuine interest and passion for our product and understand that you have come to expect an expert service from us, on all levels.”

For more about Mandarin Stone, visit:

Bird by Kristian Vedel from ArchitectMade

Bird by Kristian Vedel, from ArchitectMade

Bird by Kristian Vedel from ArchitectMade
Bird by Kristian Vedel from ArchitectMadeBird by Kristian Vedel from ArchitectMade

Now a legend, Bird is the essence of Danish design. Though simple in appearance, its clean lines create endless expressions by merely tilting its head in virtually any direction and has been turning heads since 1959. Made by hand in Denmark, Bird comes in oak, either natural or smoked, and in a choice of three sizes – small (7.5cm high), large (12cm high) or chubby (10.5cm high).

Bird was designed by Kristian Solmer Vedel, a Danish industrial designer and part of the Scandinavian Design movement. As a student of Kaare Klint, Vedel pioneered the use of melamine plastic and his classic designs often featured a creative use of materials and carefully considered the ergonomics and functional requirements. A good example can be found in his children’s furniture, which could be adapted to children of different ages and turned over to be used as a toy. Although Kristian Vedel designed his family of Birds in 1959, the original ‘child’ BIRD quickly became one of the most successful Danish wooden products from the 1950s.

Architectmade scour archives, drawings and museums to reveal a few, rare design objects that some of Denmark’s leading architects created along their way to fame many years ago. They believe in moving away from a throw-away culture and celebrating timeless products that last, that you don’t get tired of looking at, and with excellent craftsmanship alongside three rounds of quality control, are made to stand the test of time. Their products, as stated by Kristian Vedel, “emerge from the inside out” – each Architectmade object is designed with architect-precision and personal vision that comes from the heart.

Buy the Bird for €45 (approx. £32.50) from Architectmade here: